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            ABOUT US

            About Us Certificates

            Mednova is a leading developer and provider of advanced digital x-ray imaging systems and solutions. Founded in 2008, Mednova’s grand goal is to make advanced digital imaging systems affordable enough to be used anywhere in the world.

            Respected mednova medical science and technology innovation, professional development and strong integration capabilities, in the medical digital field can according to the different needs of users, to provide a complete, cost-effective, personalized products and solutions.

            For realizing our grand goal, Mednova has been spending many years to develop most digital x-ray key components and core technologies in house in order to improve their quality, performance and stability, while keeping cost sufficiently affordable.

            Mednove offers a rich set of digital x-ray systems, dental panoramic machines, digital mammography systems, as well as most key components.

            With thousands of digital x-ray imaging systems already installed and all key imaging components fully developed, Mednova is now ready to serve international markets.

            If you are a manufacturer and want to lower your R&D and production costs, our high-quality, low-cost components can help. If you are a distributor, we can provide you with a wide range of high-quality, low-cost OEM and ODM systems with unique features and the affordable price your customers are looking for. Let’s work together to make medical imaging systems and innovations more affordable!

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